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Existing customers can get support notifications via Twitter: M1 Support on Twitter

Want to interact with other M1 users? Join the two groups below! 

M1 Customer Advisory CommitteeM1 Customer Advisory Committee: a selection of forward-thinking M1 customers whom we work with on an ongoing basis. They make valuable contributions and propose progressive ideas for enhancements to ECi M1.  To learn more or to register your interest contact us today!

ECi m1 User LinkedIn GroupECi M1 User LinkedIn Group: a place for discussing topics relating to the ECi M1 software suite and manufacturing. ECi M1 staff members actively participate and all members are encouraged to post discussion topics. Click here to request to join the group.

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Reduce your operational costs and increase your profitability with the ECi M1 ERP System.

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Want to know more about what M1 can do to help your manufacturing business grow? Please download the brochure.

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Webcast Wednesday

Join a group webinar to see how M1 can support your manufacturing business by helping you to reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase profitability.

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