ECi M1® ERP Software for Manufacturers

Why choose M1 for your manufacturing business?

ECi M1® software is an Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) solution designed for growing manufacturers.  Our customers include job shops, custom and mixed-mode manufacturers, and make-to-order manufacturers.  M1 automates and integrates every business process from quoting through invoicing and point of sale (POS). It is also flexible and easy to customize, so it can handle the most valuable and unique business processes with ease.

More than 1,000 manufacturing locations worldwide

More than 1,000 manufacturing locations worldwide rely on M1

ECi is dedicated to helping manufacturers overcome the challenges of new technologies, market governance, compliance mandates, labor shortages, and economic cycles. For more than 15 years, M1 ERP solution has met the rapidly changing needs of our customers by focusing on their entire sales, production, and financial processes. M1 targets operational inefficiencies, controls job costs, and maximizes the contribution of company resources. Just as important, M1 is designed to fit your business model and processes—not force your business to fit the software.

M1 delivers on the 5 mandates of growing manufacturers

  • M1 delivers on the 5 mandates of growing manufacturers
  • Better business decision making and cost controls
  • Significant productivity and efficiency improvements
  • Company-wide increases in the profitability of investments
  • Substantial reductions in inter-departmental miscommunications
  • Greater short-term customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty

Choosing the right ERP is the one decision that can empower a manufacturer to achieve all of these objectives. To do this requires real-time inventory, costing, operations, and financial data, and applications to simplify your processes, all in one fully integrated ERP. Data flows into your software from the initial stages of every project, all the way through delivery. At every step of the way, ECi Solutions M1 ERP streamlines your business to create significant and lasting competitive advantages.

Under the hood

M1 under the hood

M1 is written in .NET C#, a powerful graphical development environment, and the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server. This ERP is easy to learn, run, and maintain, and will provide real value to your organization, from the executive level down.

Modular design supports your growth

Modular Design

M1 is built for growing manufacturers. No matter what your size, we’ve got a business management solution to scale with your operational needs and budget today, and to grow with your business tomorrow.

ECi has made this degree of scalability possible with a comprehensive modular system built around the “core” M1 Production Module. Each module is focused on a different aspect of a typical manufacturing operation. Like Lego® blocks, you can “snap” M1 modules to the core module as your evolution demands the efficiencies of M1 automation and integration.

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