With M1® software, I can assess our profitability at a glance.


M1® software provides a real-time environment that lets us fully integrate all financial aspects of our enterprise.

From billing customers and collecting payment, to paying vendors and paying employees, while over-seeing all the other financial transactions through the general ledger, everything is managed from within M1. We can:

  • Manage cash flow easily with advanced cash flow reporting, analyze open AR, open AP, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders and project cash requirements over any date range
  • Use Payroll Sessions to allow the payroll to be processed in literally seconds, including calculating overtime and taxes
  • Take credit cards with integrated credit card processing, receive pre-payments and deposits and capture funds right on the AR invoice screen
  • Drill down into a job to see what it has cost

Everything is automated. I can finally work normal hours again and don't spend days closing out the months and year. M1 has given me my family time back. 

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Using Web Technology for Competitive Advantage

Manufacturers like you use ERP and the web for greater efficiency and increased sales.

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Reduce your operational costs and increase your profitability with the ECi M1 ERP System.

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Join a group webinar to see how M1 can support your manufacturing business by helping you to reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase profitability.

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