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Accounts Payable

Efficiently manage your vendor accounts with the M1 fully integrated Accounts Payable module

Financial Modules

M1 Accounts Payable allows you to quickly invoice your purchase order receipts and other vendor bills. The module supports cash disbursements via check, EFT, credit card and direct debit.

Rapid master file entry

Create master files on the fly, saving you valuable time during data entry:

  • Access to all master files relating to creditors during invoice entry allows you to add new files without exiting the current function
  • Quickly add details to existing vendors or add new vendors directly with short-cuts to these files

Three-way match

Quickly vouch your purchasing activities by comparing related purchase orders, receipt records and vendor invoices. M1 gathers all these details together for you ensuring your invoice activities are entered accurately.

Cash management

Never miss a vendor account again. M1 Payment Terms Maintenance provides tools to manage any early payment discounts your vendors may offer. Our AP Auto-pay wizard will display every invoice offering a discount, giving you the option to pay early and retain more of your cash. These integrated tools will provide better visibility into your cash requirements over any given date range.


M1 invoicing supports multiple tax codes allowing you to collect, track and report all tax payment activities. M1 comes prepared with standard tax reports for both revenues and purchases.

Recurring payments

Recurring Payments comes standard with our AP module and allows you to enter your recurring bills and payments for automated maintenance. Code your recurring disbursements by any range you define and process them automatically using our Recurring Payments function.

Supplier explorer

Interrogate and View all transaction history for any vendor. M1 provides complete drilldown capabilities for a detailed review of source documents.

Credit memos

Create credit memos quickly and easily for invoices previously posted. Include a reason for the credit and improve your supplier performance information.

Enhanced search capabilities

M1 provides enhanced searching capabilities via our internal query forms. M1 comes complete with more than 800 predefined standard inquiries. We have also integrated and streamlined the inquiry process by providing user-driven inquiry forms. Quickly identify and link related tables, sort and filter on any attribute, and present the results in grids or traditional reports in minutes rather than hours.

Job costs

Our integrated AP module provides immediate updates for all job related purchases. Automatically update job costs with actual material and subcontract costs based on vendor invoicing. Updating the standard Job Analysis via AP allows for accurate comparisons between job estimates and actual costs.

AP Payment performance reporting

Our standard performance report will help you track all your invoicing activities and related payments. This report details statistics such as total amounts invoiced by vendor, largest invoice by vendor and average invoice by vendors as well as payment activities with average days open and average days to pay.

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