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Accounts Receivable

M1 Accounts Receivable enables fast, efficient and accurate receipts control

Financial Modules

M1 Accounts Receivable provides a quick and accurate method for invoicing your customers and recording their payments. Invoices can be generated from packing slips which helps eliminate data entry errors and optimizes efficiencies. Print, fax or e-mail your invoices directly to your customers from M1.

Rapid master file entry

Create master files on the fly. Access to all master files relating to sales analysis and customers during invoice entry allows you to add new files without exiting current functions. Quickly add details to existing customers or add new customers directly with short-cuts to these files.

Create invoices from packing slips

M1 is seamlessly integrated with shipping management providing tools for quick and accurate customer invoicing. Packing slips and shipment details are passed through to the invoice entry forms, ensuring correct part detail, quantity and prices based on related sales orders.

Fax and email invoices

M1 is fully integrated with Microsoft® Office and provides controls to fax or e-mail your invoices directly to your customers from the Accounts Receivable module with just a mouse click.


M1 Accounts Receivable invoicing supports multiple tax codes allowing you to collect, track and report all tax activities. Utilize our standard tax reporting to document and report all your tax collection activities.

Avalara integration

The M1 Avalara integration is an optional module that allows for direct communication with their Avalara services. This automation allows the user to validate tax rates and amounts directly with their Avalara service to ensure tax collection is accurate and complete.


Commission calculations are tracked throughout the sales process and the standard M1 Accounts Receivable Commission report will summarize commissions payable. Pay sales commissions at the time of invoicing or receipt of payment.

Customer explorer

Search and View all transaction histories for any customer. M1 provides complete drill-down capabilities for a detailed review of source documents.

Customer payment processing

M1 accepts payments via cash, check, direct deposit and credit cards. Apply full or partial customer payments to open invoices.

NET1® Payment Solutions integrated credit card processing

M1 provides integrated credit card processing capabilities to ensure quick and accurate credit card processing. Eliminate third-party credit cards machines and simply swipe or key the credit cards directly into M1.

Enhanced search capabilities

M1 provides enhanced searching capabilities via our internal query forms. M1 comes complete with more than 800 standard inquiries predefined. We have also integrated and streamlined the inquiry process by providing user-driven inquiry forms. Quickly identify and link related tables, sort and filter on any attribute, and present the results in grids or traditional reports in just minutes.

Invoice register

The Invoice Register will document and present a detailed review of all invoicing activities. Sort, group and filter on any number of attributes to display information according to your needs.

Invoice cost of goods sold report (COGS)

The Invoice COGS report will summarize your revenue recognition with the related costs of manufacture. This report provides a detailed view into the gross margin of every invoice posted. Sort, group and filter by customer, customer group, product or product line. Quickly identify which customers and parts are adding the most to your bottom line.

Commission report

Summarize all commission- related sales activities. Display the revenue booked and the commissions earned. Summarize commissions by group or by individual sales people.

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