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Advanced Financial Reporting

M1 lets you transform your spreadsheet into a dynamic analytical tool

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Currently preparing your reports in Microsoft® Excel? M1 has a better way.

Advanced Financial Reporting is a powerful Excel add-in which brings dynamic data from your General Ledger directly into Excel spreadsheets. You have complete control over the design and content of your ECi M1 reports using only Excel features and functions. Summary balances and detail drill down can be retrieved and manipulated within the desktop tool everyone is familiar with, Excel.

The highly volatile nature of financial reporting creates a need for dynamic information. Leveraging spreadsheet functionality with ECi’s technology, the integrity of critical financial data is maintained. Advanced Financial Reporting for use with ECi M1 is also intuitive to install and maintain.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate requirement for IT or super-users to create/change financial reports
  • Combine reporting, account inquiry, and journal inquiry into one application
  • Publish executive-quality reports from Excel
  • Perform corporate consolidations with instant access to dynamic data
  • Leverage spreadsheet skills and write reports within minutes
  • Drill down from within Excel, to ‘live’ ECi M1 GL balances and more
  • Increase efficiency and timeliness of your budgeting process
  • No more downloading or re-keying/exporting of spreadsheet data
  • No staging areas or data warehousing needed
  • Dramatically reduce number of days to close your books

Features & Benefits

Dynamic balances

Retrieve dynamic period, year-to-date, life-to-date and quarter balances using simple Excel formulas. Formula wizard is available to assist users in creating new formula expressions. Segment descriptions can also be retrieved for single accounts.

Account combinations

Use wild cards, ranges, or segment lists to retrieve any combination of accounts into a single spreadsheet row. Segment Lists are user defined combinations of segments that are set at the local level or can be shared among multiple users.

Drill-down capabilities

Dynamic drill-down capabilities allow for review of detailed account balances and journal entry information. Combine your financial reporting with account analysis to achieve more efficient analysis of your key data.

Security features

Security can be configured by user to restrict the areas of data that an individual can access. The security, which is controlled by an administrator, is based upon account segment information.

Distribution manager

Automate the distribution process of your financial statements along with supporting files such as Word or PDF documents, by using Distribution Manager within Advanced Financial Reporting. Configure multiple report packages that supply parameters, calculate, and then print or email your reports, all with the click of a button.

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