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Advanced Inventory Management

Complex inventory requirements? M1 Advanced Inventory Management is the solution.

Product and Supply Chain Management

The Advanced Inventory Management module unlocks powerful tools to address your needs.

Multiple warehouses

  • Create independent warehouses for each stocking location for inventory items
  • Warehouses can also be used to manage quarantine and inspection locations
  • Each warehouse is uniquely identified and contains its own contact details
  • Use multiple warehouses to track Vendor-managed Inventory or to manage Consignment Inventory

Multi-location features

Multiple locations can use features such as purchasing and financial consolidation to provide visibility into which locations activities . M1 multilocation features appears in all relevant modules such as Quoting, Order Management, Scheduling, AP and AR.

Warehouse transfers

Move inventory between locations using warehouse transfers. Packing slips and labels can be printed to accompany the goods. A formal receipting process is used to complete the warehouse transfer transaction.


  • Each warehouse can contain multiple bins
  • Each bin includes its own identification and description, quantity on hand and allocated, conversion factor and unit sell price
  • Control your dimensional inventory through the use of bins and their associated conversion factors

Part cross-reference

Record the part numbers used by customers for your parts; and the part numbers used by your suppliers for your purchased items. Suppliers’ part numbers will appear on the purchase orders. Each cross-reference can also contain an independent conversion factor and lot size.

Alternative parts

If you have an inventory shortage or need to look at more cost effective options, alternative parts will allow you to review any alternative options you have.


Use the standard searches to view and access warehouse transfer data such as any open warehouse transfers and transfers made this week.

Packing slips and labels

Packing slips, labels and other reports come standard.

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