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Alerts & Automation

M1 Alerts & Automation gives you the ability to always be on top of your business operations

Additional Tools

M1 Alerts & Automation acts as a virtual task force.

You can hand-off projects to so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on the critical success factors of your business:

  • Monitor virtually any aspect of your business so you know processes are running optimally.
  • Trigger alerts so when something important happens, you know about it.
  • Automate tasks based on important events in the system so you can manage portions of your business without lifting a finger.
  • Generate reports based on what happens in the system so you always have the information you need to stay ahead of the competition and run a smoother, more profitable business.

In addition to a large library of pre-defined tasks, you also have the flexibility to create and customize your own. What could you do with a virtual taskforce working behind the scenes to monitor your business processes, send you important alerts, accomplish routine tasks and automatically generate reports?

Alerts included with M1 Alerts & Automation:


  • Lists calls that have been open for more than 72 hours where the closed date is empty
  • Sends alert when the call priority changes-Low, Normal, High


  • Sends an alert when an organization’s credit limit has changed
  • Sends an alert when a new customer has been added and marked active


  • Displays operations with the Due Date or Start Date behind schedule
  • Displays a list of jobs that are marked as complete but not marked as closed
  • Displays a list of jobs marked as completed with today’s date
  • Displays a list of jobs where the Job Date is set to today’s date
  • Displays a list of jobs where the Scheduled Start Date is less than 7 days from today’s date


  • Lists parts above the specified maximum
  • Lists parts below the specified minimum
  • Lists parts where the quantity on hand is negative
  • Sends an alert when a new part revision has been created
  • Lists purchase orders that have not been receipted and have gone beyond the due date


  • Lists purchase orders where the due date falls in the next 7 days
  • Lists purchase orders with a due date of tomorrow


  • Lists shipments where the ship date falls in the next 7 days
  • Lists shipments that have been created where the invoiced flag is false
  • Lists all shipments shipped yesterday
  • Sends an alert when a new shipment is created (alert can be sent to the shipping contact)

Sales orders

  • Displays a breakdown of sales orders per sales person per day


  • Sends an alert when a new supplier has been added and marked as active

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