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Contact Management

M1 manufactruing software provides a complete solution to your contact management requirements

Relationship Management

M1 Contact Management organizes your customer and supplier details, including locations, contacts, tasks, appointments and memos


M1 provides one convenient location to record all the organizational details for your business partners. Quickly record default payment terms, shipping methods, contacts and many other details related to your prospects, customers and suppliers. Marketing teams can also document industry information and assign customer groups just as quickly. Take advantage of M1’s advanced searching and inquiry capabilities to identify target markets and optimize marketing efforts.

Locations & contacts

Each organization may have multiple related locations and contacts. Location details are used throughout the system to optimize your record processing. Contact details are used with our integrated communication capabilities. Leverage our integrated email, fax and phone services to quickly respond to your business partner inquiries. Take advantage of contact groups to improve marketing opportunities.

Follow ups

Utilize the task and appointment system to consistently respond to business opportunities. Never lose track of potential sales or purchases again. M1 tasks and appointments integrate with Microsoft® Outlook® and the Executive Dashboard. Alerts and reminders will ensure that your staff promptly follow up and drive opportunities

Price & availability

View by customer, the quantity on hand, quantity in production and quantity on order for a selected part. This utility will also advise you of the price options available for that particular customer, with added functionality to create a quote or a sales order directly from that screen.

Mail merge

By using Mail Merge facility, you are able to merge M1 fields into any mail merge document. Send off documents to multiple contacts at once. This facility can be used from within any module.

Increase your marketing power by combining this facility with the contact group to quickly and easily transmit advertising material.

Organization explorer

Use the Explorer to access all records and transactions relating to an Organization. Numerous searches provide immediate information at your fingertips. Utilizing the drill-down functionality, you can quickly pull up source records for review and follow up.

Finance companies & resellers

M1 Contact Management gives you the ability to link finance companies and/or resellers to a single customer or to multiple customers.

And more

  • Reports that allow you to view your contacts
  • Searches that allow you to see your last activity
  • Format in Word, email (Attachment) or email (Text)
  • Integration with Microsoft MapPoint allows you to map out your contacts

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