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Estimating & Quoting

M1 Estimating & Quoting allows for quick and accurate quotations

Sales Management Modules

M1 Estimating & Quoting gives you he ability to quote multiple items with quantity price breaks and will simplify and consolidate your quote management!

M1 customers can efficiently generate new quotations using the following methods:

  • Cost Plus Markup
  • Cost Plus Margin 
  • Standard Quote Rates
  • Pricing Lists
  • Manual Pricing

When the quotation is complete, simply select either print, email or fax to have a professional looking quotation sent to your customer.

When your quotation is successful, all your workings are transferred through the order so there are no delays in getting the order into production.

Quotations can be automatically:

  • Printed
  • Faxed
  • Emailed

Review costs

M1 takes the material costs, labor requirements (hours and rates) and subcontract service costs to develop an internal cost profile for the item they are quoting.

M1 displays precisely what each of the four categories amount to -

  • Material Labor
  • Overhead
  • Sub-contact

If the item being quoted has multiple assemblies, each subassembly will also have its cost broken out separately.

Rapid response

Time is a valuable commodity, M1 allows you to be quick and responsive to your customer’s request for quotation

Copy previous BOMs

Add materials to your quote without ever having to add them to your part master! Just copy the Bills of Material (BOM) from other parts, quotes or jobs. This not only saves time, drawing on your history also improves accuracy.

Capable to Promise (CTP)

Your M1 system will review your production schedule and inventory levels to determine the best delivery dates possible. Our solution can use Forward, Backward, Finite and Infinite scheduling to help you determine these dates. Leads time will be generated for each quantity quoted.

Multiple items and price breaks

M1 can quote multiple quantities per line item. Each quoted quantity calculates cost, amortizing set-up and summarizes labor, overhead, sub-contact and materials.


Quotations can include commissions for your sales staff. M1 also keeps track of the commissions and pays them at invoice or payment.


Email, fax or print a professional looking quotation directly from your computer.


Quote Worksheet—review materials, operations, assemblies and subcontract services

Quote Win/Loss—see how effectively you are converting quotes to orders

Quote Analysis—know summary close rate information by customer

Download this info in a PDF

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