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Lead Management

M1 Lead Management provides powerful tools to effectively handle your entire pre-sales process

Relationship Management

 With M1 Lead Management you get all the CRM capabilities you need to communicate with your prospect and customers and close bigger deals faster.

Lead Management improve sales productivity, boost win rates and grow your revenue.

Display critical details about the deals your sales staff is working

  • How much each deal is worth
  • Who you’re competing against
  • What stage the deal is in
  • Record the expected close date and potential revenue each lead should generate

Quickly and easily create quotes from within the Lead Management module

  • Automatically populate a quote with relevant customer data

  • Generate a PDF acknowledgment and email directly to customer or prospect

Predict future potential revenue with sales forecasting reports, graphs, charts and calendars

Marketing campaigns

Create a campaign for each marketing activity you perform

  • Optimize campaigns from lead to close
  • Show the impact of your marketing activities on your company’s bottom line
  • Assign campaign start and end dates, the cost of the marketing activity and the revenue generated
  • Make smarter decisions about where to invest marketing dollars
  • Use this information to identify the most effective marketing strategy for you business


Milestones show the stage each lead is in

  • Assign a confidence factor to the milestone to record the likelihood of the lead converting to a sale
  • Use milestones to develop a successful sales process flow and sales forecasting reports


Make smarter decisions as a sales team. M1 Lead Management module gives you real-time, personalized view of your business through reports and Executive Dashboard information. Everyone from executives to sales reps are a click away from the information they need to answer key questions and manage their business for success.


Track the reasons why leads are closing. Examples include win, loss to competitor, project canceled, etc. Analyze the resolutions to understand how your product or service fits in the marketplace.

Download this info in a PDF

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