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M1 Calculators

Additional Tools

M1 Calculators provide you with the ability to accurately estimate cycle times and material usage, provide accurate quotes and save programming time.

Available calculators include Sheet, Laser, Bar and Punch calculators. Eliminate manual calculations in Excel™. With all of the M1 calculators, the information calculated is retained with the parts so you can review and adjust calculations at any time.

Laser Calculator

The M1 Laser Calculator accurately calculates your cut time. You can store an unlimited number of material types with thickness, Lead In/Out feed rates, external feed rates, pierce time, etc., for easy retrieval when providing quotations. Enter the numbers of holes and types along with the internal and external perimeters and M1 will calculate your total cut time.

Punch Calculator

The M1 Punch Calculator accurately calculates your punch time. Enter the number of tools, hit rate, repositions, tool changes and repositions, and M1 will calculate a total run time.

Bar Calculator

The M1 Bar Calculator accurately calculates your material usage per part. Specify part length, cut width, face off and drop lengths, and M1 will calculate the material usage and total number of bars required.

Sheet Calculator

The M1 Sheet Calculator accurately calculates your material usage per part. Specify part length and width, sheet length and width, top and bottom trim, and part spacing and M1 will calculate the number of parts per sheet, including suggested rotation unless grain is a consideration.

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