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Point of Sale

Point of Sale module features a simple interface and fully integrates with M1

Sales Management Modules

M1 Point of Sale was designed for manufacturers who sell over the counter and those who process spare parts orders. This module combines order entry, shipping, accounts receivable, invoicing, and accounts payable into one simple interface.

Ease of use

M1 Point of Sale features one simple entry screen:

  •  Input data using a mouse, keyboard or a bar code scanner
  •  All the information you need is displayed including part revision details, and warehouse and bin location

Transaction options

With Point of Sale you can create cash, check, credit card and charge account transactions. Multiple types of payments can be used in a single transaction.

Cash change calculator

When cash is tendered, the calculator will advise you of the change due.

Phone orders

Orders received over the phone can be accessed and processed from within the Point of Sale interface.

Print options

Point of Sale gives you the option to print, fax, or email a receipt, order acknowledgment, packing slip and invoice with the click of a mouse.


Multiple users can log on to Point of Sale simultaneously using their unique login code. This code also provides a complete audit trial of Point of Sale activity.

Receipts report

The Point of Sale receipts report allows you to reconcile your credit card receipts, cash received and checks in hand.


All of your transactions will appear when you use the business analysis tools within the Sales Order Management, Shipping Management, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules.

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