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Leading ERP software for growing manufacturers

M1 has integrated all of the business into one easily managed system.

IT Manager

M1 software has delivered the operational confidence that we need.

The software is written in .NET C# and the industry standard Microsoft SQL server. It is built specifically for growing manufacturers and the comprehensive system is split into multiple modules, each focused on different aspects of a typical manufacturing operation. Just like Lego® blocks, we can “snap” modules on top of the core M1 Production module to customize the system precisely to our operational needs and budget. M1 works for us because it is:

  • Modular in design for customizability and scalability for your organization
  • Future proofed against obsolescence with easy upgrades that don't cause business disruption
  • Built on the industry’s highest standards in user control and security
  • Easy to implement with minimal hardware and infrastructure costs

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Reduce your operational costs and increase your profitability with the ECi M1 ERP System.

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Join a group webinar to see how M1 can support your manufacturing business by helping you to reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase profitability.

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We’ll teach you innovative approaches to less waste, greater productivity, better decision-making, and ultimately more profitability in your manufacturing business.

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