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Leading ERP software for growing manufacturers

M1 enables our sales team to manage leads and ongoing contacts.

Sales Manager

With M1 software, we have quick access to real-time data and all the tools needed to record calls, analyze leads, provide accurate quotations.

We love that we can manage our prospects and customers right from within M1, rather than having to tack on a sales platform and access everything through spreadsheets. And M1's sales module structure lets us handle everything from a simple, one-time job to complex, ongoing accounts because it:

  • Supports elaborate configuration and allows pricing flexibility
  • Provides multiple methods of estimating and ordering
  • Integrates sales and marketing work into multiple departments and converts them into POs

M1 has helped us greatly improve customer service and given us the ability to quickly provide accurate information to prospects. 

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Reduce your operational costs and increase your profitability with the ECi M1 ERP System.

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Join a group webinar to see how M1 can support your manufacturing business by helping you to reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase profitability.

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We’ll teach you innovative approaches to less waste, greater productivity, better decision-making, and ultimately more profitability in your manufacturing business.

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